Energy Maca

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Helps to enhance or increase energy levels, sexual function, virility and fertility. Aides in reducing symptoms of menopause and menstrual cycle. Used to help maintain or improve healthy levels of sugar in the blood. May also help to improve bone density and cartilage.

Suggested use
Take 2 capsules daily


Energy Maca is made with Maca root powder that supports body’s ability to deal with stress while supporting healthy energy and performance levels. Maca is known to nourish endocrine system, benefiting both women and men. Also Maca supports brain function and improves mental clarity and focus.

Maca is very beneficial for women: increases sexual function, improves fertility, reduces unpleasant symptoms of menopause as well as menstrual cycle.

It is also helpful for men with low stamina. Recent studies found that Maca also supports the regeneration of cartilage and bone density. When combined with herb Cat’s Claw the anabolic stimulation in the cartilage almost quadruples. Maca may support healthy blood sugar levels.

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