From our Heart to your Heart

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Here in full life we care about you, and during this month we want to give you the best for your health on a special deal. Special Bundle “From our Heart to your Heart” has all this products bellow:

  • CO Q-10: COENZYME Q10 May help benefit circulation, and heart function. May help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Can also help decress aging and degeneration of the body. Can help avoid memory loss and chronic fatigue.
  • DHEA: Helps to promote insulin sensitivity. Can also help decrease signs of aging in the brain. Aides to improve mood, libido, and blood circulation. May also relieve symptoms of depression.
  • MAGNESIUM: Magnesium is a required element for muscle relaxation, as it helps with muscle spasms, cramps, eye twitches and facial tic. It promotes cardiovascular function and supports immune system. Magnesium helps with stress and anxiety and can also be used for heartburn relief.
  • MULTIVITA MEN or FEM: Multivitamins formulated specially for the particular needs of men and women.
  • VITAMIN D: Can promote healthy bones. May also help treat osteoporosis and maintain the correct levels of PH in the blood. Helps improve overall health.
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